Architectural Details

The newest service offered by The Stair Company is designing and fabricating Architectural Details. We have a fully equipped woodworking shop, complete with a Dario articulated band saw. We can produce any size and shape of custom knee braces, corbels, beam struts, louvered and screened gable vents, foundation vents, decorative beam end cuts, decorative awning rafter packages, interior arch inserts, you name it! We can use any material that you specify, from clear cedar, reclaimed material and the biggest glue-lam. Our craftsmen are skilled in restoration projects and can assist in reproductions and remodels. These important Architectural Details will set your structures apart from the other guys.

Beam struts in place- Snoqualmie

Knee braces and gable vents - completed construction - Olympia

Custom knee braces ready for delivery

Expanded view of beam struts

Interior passage arch - framing stage

Niche arch and niche sill - framing stage

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