The Stair Company is in the business of manufacturing Pre-Built Wood Stairs. Our automated manufacturing facility produces pre-built stairs for commercial and residential projects. At The Stair Company, the fabrication quality is accomplished by using computerized precision CNC stair routers, eliminating over cuts and waste due to inexperienced help. The Stair Company produces open and box stairs per your plans and specifications.

Box Stairs

Why Box Stairs are preferred:

Stronger – Routered stair stringers provide strength to entire system.

No Squeaks – Treads and risers are glued and wedged to prevent squeaks.

Old World Quality, modern techniques – We still offer the highest quality stair system; it’s just the technique that has changed.

Cost Savings – With box stairs you don’t need to add skirt boards and that is a huge saving.

Structurally Rated – We have Engineering Specifications to back our Products. You know exactly what you are getting with The Stair Company components. Stringers are Tested per ASTM D198-05 Specification; OSB Treads per APA Guidelines

and PS-04.

Engineered Stair Stringers & OSB Treads Eliminate Waste – Uniform thickness, no cupping, warping, twisting or moisture issues like standard lumber.

Straight and consistent engineered stringers also eliminate shrinkage.

Box stairs ready for shipment

Open Pre-Built Stairs

Ready to go – Stairs are delivered to the job site as assembled sets ready to install. Or, we can cut the stringers, treads and risers package & ship to job site ready to assemble. (open only)

Treads – 1-1/8” Plywood with Machine Bull Nose, or Steadi-Tred.

LVL's – We use 1-1/4” x 11-7/8” LVL’s in place of 2 x 12 D/F stringers.

Open stairs ready for delivery

Knock-down package ready for banding and delivery

Contact the professionals at The Stair Company today to discuss all of your box & open pre-built stair needs.

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